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Phase-Lock Basics, 2e

Phase-Lock Basics, 2e

Written as a theoretical introduction for electrical engineering graduate students, this book becomes a virtual laboratory for professional analog and digital circuit designers when used with MATLAB. Topics covered include an introduction to loop components, stability, responses, and performance in the presence of noise; scores of multicurve figures that illustrate loop responses; a summary of acquisition formulas for second-order loops; and a four-page table of CW, AM, and FM signals in multiple representations. The revised second edition includes new material on loop operation in noise, and a chapter on band-limited noise with MATLAB scripts that enable readers to duplicate and expand simulations.

MATLAB is used throughout the book to solve real-world application examples. Control System Toolbox and Signal Processing Toolbox are also briefly mentioned. In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB M-files is available for download.

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About This Book

William F. Egan, Santa Clara University

Wiley-IEEE Press, 2008

ISBN: 978-0-470-11800-9
Language: English