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교육 - 교육 과정

SLPM-S: Physical Modeling of Multidomain Systems with Simscape

본 하루 교육과정은 여러 physical domain 내 에서의 시스템 모델링과 Simscape™를 이용하여 Simulink® 환경 내 에서 그 시스템과 multidomain system과의 연동 방법에 대해 다룹니다.

  • 전기, 기계 또는 유압 등 의 여러 physical domain 내 에서의 모델 생성
  • Simscape diagram 해석
  • Simulink 모델과 Simscape 모델 연동
  • 서로 다른 physical domain내에서의 에너지 흐름 모델링
  • 사용자 정의의 Simscape 구성요소 생성
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Day 1 of 1
Introduction to Simscape and the Physical Network Approach

Objective: Become familiar with the Simscape environment by modeling a simple electrical system.

  • Introduction to Simscape
  • Differences between modeling in Simulink and in Simscape
  • Building and simulating a model in Simscape
  • Guidelines for Simscape modeling
Working with Simscape Components

Objective: Interpret Simscape block diagrams and identify the physical variables in Simscape by modeling a mechanical system.

  • Component fundamentals
  • Foundation library
  • Logging and viewing physical variables
Combining Simscape Models and Simulink Models

Objective: Add Simulink blocks to a Simscape model to increase modeling flexibility.

  • Connecting physical signals to Simulink signals
  • Performing operations on physical signals
  • Parameterizing a model
  • Creating components using subsystems
Connecting Physical Domains

Objective: Connect models from different physical domains to create a single, multidomain model.

  • Physical components that span multiple physical domains
  • Ideal connections between physical domains in Simscape
  • Custom connections between physical domains in Simscape
Creating Custom Components with the Simscape Language

Objective: Leverage the Simscape language to create custom physical components in Simscape.

  • Simscape language
  • Custom component workflow
  • Complete custom component example

수강자 필수조건

MATLAB® 과 Simulink 기본 지식, Simscape에 대한 사전지식이 없어도 수강가능 

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