Extending Model Capabilities

You can generate a linear model (continuous or discrete time) from your nonlinear SimHydraulics model. You can analyze the linear model's behavior about a certain operating point, or you can create a controller by applying linear control theory to the system. You can also automatically calculate the steady-state solution of your SimHydraulics model to remove unwanted transients at the start of simulation, thus reducing the amount of time needed to simulate your system.

Modeling the Plant and Controller in Simulink

As a physical modeling product built on Simscape, SimHydraulics provides expanded capabili­ties for modeling hydraulic systems. You can create your physical plant model using physical connections, and, through Simscape interface blocks, connect it directly to your control model built with signal flows in Simulink. As a result, you can test your entire system within the Simulink environment.

Integrating Physical Systems and Controller 5:49
Detect system integration issues in simulation. Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and control systems are gradually integrated into a full system model.

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