Robust Control Toolbox

Analyzing and Tuning Controllers in Simulink

Robust Control Toolbox provides tools for performing robustness analysis and for tuning controllers modeled in Simulink.

Uncertainty Modeling and Robustness Analysis

The toolbox lets you model and analyze uncertainty in Simulink models. You can:

  • Introduce uncertainty into a Simulink model by using an Uncertain State Space block or by specifying block linearization for any Simulink block
  • Linearize a Simulink model to create an uncertain system that represents the whole Simulink model
  • Analyze the resulting uncertain system for stability and performance

Automatic Controller Tuning

Robust Control Toolbox lets you automatically tune decentralized controllers modeled in Simulink. Because Robust Control Toolbox operates on linear models, you can use Simulink Control Design to automatically compute and store a linearization of your Simulink model. Simulink Control Design automatically creates a tunable model of control architecture specified in a Simulink model. You can:

  • Specify Simulink model blocks that should be tuned
  • Specify tuning requirements
  • Automatically tune specified blocks to satisfy the must-have requirements (design constraints) and to best meet the remaining requirements (objectives)
  • Validate your design by running nonlinear simulations

Using this approach, you can automatically tune complex multivariable controllers that are modeled using Simulink blocks. For example, you can automatically tune inner-loop and outer-loop PID controllers in a multiloop control system without changing the control system architecture.

Automatic Tuning of a Multivariable Fixed-Structure Simulink Controller 4:40
Design a decoupling controller for a distillation column.

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