Mapping Toolbox

Geographic Data Import and Export

Mapping Toolbox imports a wide range of GIS and geospatial file formats, enabling you to read both vector and raster data into the MATLAB environment. The toolbox helps you reduce access time and improve memory usage by providing functionality for specific file types to read a portion of a file and downsample data prior to use. The toolbox supports georeferenced imagery and other raster data grids, including orthoimagery, geolocated satellite swaths, digital terrain elevation models, and various global data grids.

Mapping Toolbox also exports data to a number of file formats, enabling you to share data with applications such as Google Earth™ and ArcGIS®. Using the toolbox with MATLAB or Image Processing Toolbox™ provides access to additional file formats.

File formats and data products supported by Mapping Toolbox include:

  • Raster file formats, such as GeoTIFF, USGS DEM, DEM, DTED, Arc ASCII Grid, GTOPO30, ETOPO, and worldfile
  • Vector file formats, such as ESRI® shapefiles, KML, GPX, VMAP0, and GSHHS
  • Selected data products, such as AVHRR and EGM96

Relevant data formats supported by MATLAB include:

  • Image file formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and JPEG2000
  • Scientific data formats, such as NetCDF, HDF5, HDF4, HDF-EOS, and multiband files (BIP, BIL, BSQ)
  • Network data access through OPeNDAP URL address

Relevant image file formats supported by Image Processing Toolbox include:

  • NITF and HDR
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