Filter Design HDL Coder

Customizing VHDL and Verilog Code

Filter Design HDL Coder generates filter and test bench HDL code for a quantized filter based on an option setting or on property name and property value pairs. These settings let you:

  • Name language elements
  • Specify port parameters
  • Use advanced HDL coding features

All properties have default settings. You can customize the HDL output by adjusting the settings with the Filter Design and Analysis app or the Filter Builder app. The apps let you set properties associated with:

  • HDL language specification
  • File name and location specifications
  • Reset specifications
  • HDL code optimizations
  • Test bench customizations
FD HDL Advanced options

Advanced options for defining the characteristics of the generated code and specifying test benches.


Performance and area metrics obtained for a 27 tap FIR filter for video applications. Optimization options provide insight into key implementation metrics.

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