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MTest Pro

ISO 26262 model test manager for Simulink models and Embedded Coder


  • ISO 26262-compliant functional testing of Simulink® models (MIL, SIL, PIL)
  • Automated regression and back-to-back testing of Simulink models and code generated by Embedded Coder®
  • Automated test assessment
  • Signal comparison of floating-point and fixed-point models (MIL, SIL, PIL)
  • Support of different test data definition methods (measured data, Microsoft® Excel® spread sheets, CTE, MTCD)
  • Automated recording and aggregation of model and code coverage data


MTest Pro is a professional model test management framework – developed by testers for testers. MTest Pro is tightly integrated into the MATLAB® development environment. It supports unit testing of Simulink models, as well as code generated by Embedded Coder as an important part of the model-based development process.

MTest Pro is a standalone application developed in MATLAB code. This makes it fully controllable via the MATLAB based-API, and it can be executed within the MATLAB framework. MTest Pro supports Simulink model testing for all MATLAB versions (from R14SP3), as well as SIL and PIL testing for Embedded Coder (from MATLAB R2011a).

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