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Print dialog box




printdlg prints the current figure.

printdlg(fig) creates a modal dialog box from which you can print the figure window identified by the handle fig. Note that uimenus do not print.

printdlg('-crossplatform',fig) displays the standard cross-platform MATLAB® printing dialog rather than the built-in printing dialog box for Microsoft® Windows® computers. Insert this option before the fig argument.

printdlg('-setup',fig) forces the printing dialog to appear in a setup mode. This option is obsolete and will be removed in a future release.

    Note   If you want to set up a new printer, use the operating system printer management utilities. Restart MATLAB if you do not see the printer which is already setup.

    Note   A modal dialog box prevents the user from interacting with other windows before responding. For more information, see WindowStyle in the MATLAB Figure Properties.

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