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Run app programmatically



example runs the custom app specified by the unique identifier, appid.


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Run Previously Installed App

Assume you installed two apps, PlotData and setslider. Run PlotData programmatically, using its ID.

Get IDs of all installed apps.

ID                      Name
-------------------     ----------------
setsliderAPP            setslider
PlotDataAPP             PlotData

Run PlotData.'PlotDataAPP')

Input Arguments

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appid — ID of custom appstring

ID of custom app you want to run, specified as a string.

Example: 'DataExplorationAPP'

More About

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  • The ID of a custom app is returned when you install it. You can use matlab.apputil.getInstalledAppInfo to get the ID after you have installed an app.

  • When a custom app runs, MATLAB® adds any folders it needs to have added to the path, as identified when the app was packaged. When the app exits, MATLAB removes those folders from the path.

  • You can run multiple, different custom apps concurrently. However, you cannot run two instances of the same app concurrently.

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