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Boy's Surface

This example shows how to create Boy's surface.

In 1901, David Hilbert assigned Werner Boy the task of proving once and for all that it was impossible to embed the Projective Plane into 3-space without singularities. Instead Boy came back with this surface. It has a triple point, but no singularity. For more information, see the Boy's surface article at Wikipedia,

n = 128;
u = linspace(0,pi,n);
v = linspace(0,pi,n);

u = repmat(u,n,1);
v = repmat(v',1,n);

x = cos(v).*sin(u);
y = sin(v).*sin(u);
z = cos(u);
f = 1/2*((2*x.^2-y.^2-z.^2) + 2*y.*z.*(y.^2-z.^2) +  ...
    z.*x.*(x.^2-z.^2) + x.*y.*(y.^2-x.^2));
g = sqrt(3)/2 * ((y.^2-z.^2) + z.*x.*(z.^2-x.^2) + x.*y.*(y.^2-x.^2));
h = (x+y+z).*((x+y+z).^3 + 4*(y-x).*(z-y).*(x-z));

s = surf(f,g,h/10,u, ...
    'LineStyle','none', ...
    'FaceLighting','gouraud', ...
colormap jet;

axis off;
daspect([1 1 1]);
l1 = light;
l2 = light;

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