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Estimate time delay (dead time) from data



nk = delayest(Data)
nk = delayest(Data,na,nb,nkmin,nkmax,maxtest)

Data is an iddata object containing the input-output data. It can also be an idfrd object defining frequency-response data. Only single-output data can be handled.

nk is returned as an integer or a row vector of integers, containing the estimated time delay in samples from the input(s) to the output in Data.

The estimate is based on a comparison of ARX models with different delays:

The integer na is the order of the A polynomial (default 2). nb is a row vector of length equal to the number of inputs, containing the order(s) of the B polynomial(s) (default all 2).

nkmin and nkmax are row vectors of the same length as the number of inputs, containing the smallest and largest delays to be tested. Defaults are nkmin = 0 and nkmax = nkmin+20.

If nb, nkmax, and/or nkmin are entered as scalars in the multiple-input case, all inputs will be assigned the same values.

maxtest is the largest number of tests allowed (default 10,000).

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