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System Identification Toolbox Examples

Case Studies

Estimating Simple Models from Real Laboratory Process DataScript
Glass Tube Manufacturing ProcessScript
Modeling Current Signal From an Energizing TransformerScript
Modeling a Vehicle Dynamics SystemScript
Modeling an Aerodynamic BodyScript
Modeling an Industrial Robot ArmScript
Nonlinear Modeling of a Magneto-Rheological Fluid DamperScript
Estimating Transfer Function Models for a Heat ExchangerScript
Estimating Transfer Function Models for a Boost ConverterScript

Tutorials on Linear Model Identification

Data and Model Objects in System Identification Toolbox™Script
Model Structure Selection: Determining Model Order and Input DelayScript
Comparison of Various Model Identification MethodsScript
Estimating Continuous-Time Models using Simulink® DataScript
Dealing with Multi-Variable Systems: Identification and AnalysisScript
Building and Estimating Process Models Using System Identification Toolbox™Script
Frequency Domain Identification: Estimating Models Using Frequency Domain DataScript
Building Structured and User-Defined Models Using System Identification Toolbox™Script
Spectrum Estimation Using Complex Data - Marple's Test CaseScript
Recursive Estimation and Data Segmentation Techniques in System Identification Toolbox™Script
Dealing with Multi-Experiment Data and Merging ModelsScript
Linear Approximation of Complex Systems by IdentificationScript
Regularized Identification of Dynamic SystemsScript

Tutorials on Nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener Model Identification

Two Tank System - Single-Input Single-Output Nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener ModelsScript
Motorized Camera - Multi-Input Multi-Output Nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener ModelsScript
Nonlinear ARX Models with Custom RegressorsScript

Tutorials on Nonlinear Grey Box Model Identification

Creating IDNLGREY Model FilesScript
Represent Nonlinear Dynamics Using MATLAB File for Grey-Box EstimationScript
Two Tank System: C MEX-File Modeling of Time-Continuous SISO SystemScript
Three Ecological Population Systems: MATLAB and C MEX-File Modeling of Time-SeriesScript
Narendra-Li Benchmark System: Nonlinear Grey Box Modeling of a Discrete-Time SystemScript
Friction Modeling: MATLAB File Modeling of Static SISO SystemScript
Signal Transmission System: C MEX-File Modeling Using Optional Input ArgumentsScript
Dry Friction Between Two Bodies: Parameter Estimation Using Multiple Experiment DataScript
Industrial Three-Degrees-of-Freedom Robot: C MEX-File Modeling of MIMO System Using Vector/Matrix ParametersScript
Non-Adiabatic Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor: MATLAB File Modeling with Simulations in Simulink®
Uses: Simulink
Classical Pendulum: Some Algorithm-Related IssuesScript

Tutorials On Online Estimation

Online Recursive Least Squares EstimationScript
Online ARMAX Polynomial Model EstimationScript
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