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"Introduction to MATLAB" Curriculum Materials

MathWorks and McGraw-Hill have developed a complete set of lecture slides, MATLAB code, and Simulink models to accompany William Palm's Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers text.

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Lecture Slides, MATLAB Code, and Simulink Models Available

This downloadable package includes:

  • 11 sets of lectures slides (one for each chapter of the book) including project suggestions
  • More than 40 MATLAB programs that correspond to exercises and chapter problems from the book
  • 10 Simulink model files illustrating examples from the book (e.g., a model of a relay-controlled motor, nonlinear pendulum dynamics, a hydraulic system, nonlinear vehicle suspension)

Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers, 3rd Edition

By William J. Palm III, University of Rhode Island

Written for use in a first-year introductory MATLAB course, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB, drawing from numerous engineering problems. The book introduces MATLAB programming, problem-solving methodology, Simulink, and Symbolic Math Toolbox, and is based on the author’s experience teaching an introductory MATLAB course.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. An Overview of MATLAB
  • Chapter 2. Numeric, Cell, and Structure Arrays
  • Chapter 3. Functions and Files
  • Chapter 4. Decision-Making Programs
  • Chapter 5. Advanced Plotting
  • Chapter 6. Model Building and Regression
  • Chapter 7. Linear Algebraic Equations
  • Chapter 8. Probability, Statistics, and Interpolation
  • Chapter 9. Numerical Methods for Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Chapter 10. Simulink
  • Chapter 11. MuPAD
  • Appendix A. Guide to Commands and Functions In This Text
  • Appendix B. Animation and Sound in MATLAB
  • Appendix C. Formatted Output in MATLAB

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